Clipso’s top tips & tricks for curls

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Styling irons are a great way to create perfect curls, it’s really easy once you’ve grasped the technique! Start by spraying your hair with heat protection, then take sections of hair and place the irons vertically away from the root, turning at a 90 degree angle. Turn the irons another 90 degrees and then pull away from the head in a continuous smooth movement.  Think of it as curling a ribbon with scissors and remember, the bigger the section, the looser the curl, the smaller the section the tighter the curl!

If your curls start to frizz, don’t be tempted to damp them down, this is a common mistake but will only dehydrate your curls and cause them to frizz even more! Instead spritz your hair with a leave-in conditioner, this will protect your hair from humidity and restore its natural balance.

The trick to achieving perfect smooth curls is to blow-dry your hair straight before your start curling. It may sound time consuming but by doing this you will eliminate the frizz before you begin styling your hair, which will leave your curls looking healthy and luscious with not a frizzy hair in sight!

To create the perfect curl without using a heated appliance, start by applying a volumising mousse and pat dry your hair. Set your hair in medium sized Velcro rollers and leave in until your hair has completely dried to ensure the curls retain their hold.  Remove the rollers and gently rake through hair with your fingers and behold your beautiful, bouncing curls!

To create a different texture, plait damp hair in one or two sections from the nape of the neck to the ends, leave to dry thoroughly or overnight and remove for a soft wave curl effect.

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