“Symbolising the strength and fragility of the iconic woman” BY THE CLIPSO ARTISTIC TEAM

This Orchid collection from the award winning Clipso Artistic Team,  demonstrates their hairdressing expertise and trend setting vision. The Collection expresses a dark element with a mysterious edge, high-end fashionable looking hair, creative up-dos, structured styling with lots of texture and movement. Inspiration for the shoot came from all leading icons from eras dating back to the 1920’s working its way up to the present day, Rita Hayworth is one leading lady that really stood out whilst the team created these collection images but all images within the collection reflect the current year in some way. The whole collection is very fashion orientated and on trend which reflects the teams minds.

“I love the iconic styles within this collection, they are timeless, fashion forward and the whole collection images are complete – the hair, the make-up and the clothes styling, they all come together brilliantly. The story behind the whole collection is all about fashion and being an icon which I think we’ve shown throughout.”

Hair by Clipso Artistic Team
Photography: Martin Evening
Styling: Karen Binns
Makeup: Janet Francis

Clipso Artistic Team:
Darren Fowler, Emilie Pearson Brown, Kim Rance, Harriette Calvert, Jack Lawrence and Loretta Karam Whalley.

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