The Young Romantics

The Young Romantics collection from Kim Rance for Clipso demonstrates an effortless, fresh faced and youthful appearance. The collection is heavily inspired by Carey Mulligan, the 1960’s and wonderful 60’s pop icon Twiggy. The collection uses a combination of traditional crops, bohemian waves and soft textures to create a stylised collection which is reminiscent of this era.

The hair styles within this collection reflect Kim’s fashion led and on trend mind, not to mention her hairdressing expertise. The entire collection is almost like festival chic meets fashion. Kim wanted to express this young presence by really concentrating on using the hairs natural textures and trying to show it off, she also really wanted to focus on and accomplish that ‘just got out of bed’ look.

“My idea for this shoot came from looking at pictures of Carey Mulligan and really focusing on how she keeps her young classic look. I suppose you could say my inspiration also came from Twiggy and I really tried to express that youthful, light, fresh faced appearance within this collection. It has that Topshop element to it, a next day, just put together out of bed look and to achieve this I really focused on the hairs natural textures.”

Hair by Kim Rance for Clipso
Art Director: Darren Fowler
Photography: Martin Evening
Styling: Karen Binns
Makeup: Janet Francis

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