A lazy girl’s guide to hair

 In St Albans

It’s that time of the year when we’re finally getting our much loved fix of vitamin D, but it’s a known fact that the sun does make us feel somewhat lazy. Are you one of those people? Then behold Clipso’s lazy hair guide, you might be lazy, but these hairstyles won’t leave you looking that way!

Simon Cox, Artistic and Managing Director at Clipso St Albans shares his ultimate lazy go-to hairstyles:

Messy bun: Put hair into a ponytail on the left or right hand side. Then backcomb the ponytail and wrap around the base of the hairband that will give you a messy/textured bun

Hair line plait: Simply scalp plait the hair either from right to left or left to right around the front hair line. Secure and pin behind the ear, leaving the rest of the  hair loose.

Textured fishtail plait: Lightly backcomb hair, then create a fishtail plait and secure at the end. Pull both sides evenly to loosen the plait all the way down for a textured soft look.

Beach look: Simply spritz locks with a texture heat spray (L’Oréal Professionnel Play Ball Beach Fizz) and blast with hairdryer, then you’ll have the perfect ‘beach’ look.








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