Clipso Salon Becomes State Registered with The Hairdressing Council

 In St Albans

Clipso St Albans hair salon has became State Registered with The Hairdressing Council!

Salon owner of Clipso St Albans, Simon Cox SRH, understood the importance of being the first full salon in St Albans to register with The Hairdressing Council.

“I feel it’s important to show people that hairdressing is a serious profession and that all our hard work, training and technical knowledge is second to none.

Professionalism is imperative in the hairdressing industry, and I wanted to show the public and clients alike that we’re serious and dedicated to delivering the best standards with the support of The Hairdressing Council.

I’m immensely proud of the St Albans team and salon, and I’m thrilled to say that we are all now State Registered by an initiative that is recognised by the government.”

The Hairdressing Council was set up in 1964 by an Act of Parliament. Hairdressers can now apply to become State Registered in the same way as doctors, dentists or nurses can. The only difference is that it is completely voluntary to belong to the UK Register of qualified hairdressers. By making the industry self-regulated, it will eliminate unqualified ‘hairdressers’ from practising without any experience.

Clipso St Albans now stands alongside industry supporters like Richard Ward, Trevor Sorbie, Andrew Barton, Anthony Mascolo, Steven Goldsworthy, Lisa Shepherd, Mark Hill, Errol Douglas, Patrick Cameron and many more.

#GetRegistered and help support the hairdressing industry today

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