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Simon Cox, Managing Director of Clipso St Albans along with team members attended L’Oreal Professionnel’s Voices with Westrow art team. Voices is a unique opportunity to see some of the most inspirational, successful and talented hairdressers and colourists in the UK. It is a series of evening events held at L’Oréal Professionnel Educational sites at which the latest collections will be performed by some of the industry’s most inspiring names. Whether it’s commercial cut and colour or avant-garde looks, this is a must-see for any stylist or technician.

Simon Cox, Managing Director commented:
“The evening began with an opening video montage of images, shows and great colour work created by the Westrow art team. Steve Rowbottom who established Westrow was our host for the evening and did a Q&A to start the evening. Afterwards he presented the models who were wearing strong short cuts softened with soft loose finishes to keep the looks feminine. The colours were excellent and well explained. I will definitely be incorporating one of the techniques shown in my own cuts within the salon to create fun looks for my clients and something that is not fully permanent. All in all it was a really good evening of inspiration.”

Gemma Burke, Master Hair Designer commented:
“I felt so inspired whilst watching the Westrow art team. I have learnt new techniques and colour mixes that I can now use on my own clients within the salon.”

Leah Malski, Hair Designer commented:
“I found the presentation interesting and have learnt a lot from Westrow`s knowledge that I can take back into the salon such as different colour placements and different colour mixing to achieve different shades and colour effects.”

Veronika Stanova, Master Hair Designer commented:
“I enjoyed the evening with the Westrow art team, it’s always good to see stage work. The presentation was fantastic. The colour and cutting techniques were refreshing and inspiring. At the end of the event I had a closer look at the models colours, to see first-hand the blended technique the colourist had used to prevent a block effect, I loved the looks.”

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