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Sara Stockley, an Apprentice at our St Albans salon recently attended a course at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design. Sara won a place on the course because she was crowned the third year and overall winner at the Clipso Young Superstar Awards last year.

The course was about how to build a fashion collection. Fashion designer, Ian Scott Kettle was her tutor for the day. Ian has worked for several independent designers including Alberta Ferretti, as both designer illustrator or master pattern cutler, his work has been seen in Vogue and Elle, he specialises in women’s wear. Ian inspired Sara in several ways, although he isn’t a hairdresser, the way he spoke about his fashion was immense.

Please see Sara’s blog on the course below:

“In the course we had to get into groups of four, select two photographs and write down what we could see in the picture and how it made us feel. The photographs had to be completely different to one another.

We then watched catwalk videos, taking into account all the different styles that appear such as patterns, prints and avant-garde, which was very inspiring.

The course motivated me because for me it’s taught me a few things that I can bring to the salon and to look at fashion in a different way that I never really thought about before. Yes, you can see all different styles but how to actually create a look and get inspired by a photograph is completely amazing…I’ve learnt that you can create anything if you put your mind to it.

I’m specialising in colour, from what I’ve learnt I can now look at my clients hair in a different way and be inspired to try new techniques on their hair.”

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