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Every haircut can be worn on any shaped face it just needs adjusting by the creative stylist to suit your shape. There are some rules to watch out for:

 Round shaped should avoid excessive volume around the face. You should opt for softer layers to create movement and avoid styles that are cut bluntly higher than the chin, longer layers work well. Think Mila Kunis and the movement she always has in her hair without major volume.

Oval shaped can get away with murder; you can go wild – think of Rihanna who constantly changes her hair.

Square faces with strong jaws usually suit hair in centre partings and worn long. They should avoid shapes that are cut bluntly onto the chin as this will only emphasise your square chin. Think of Sandra bullock and her long sweeping locks.

Oblong (Think Nicole Ritchie) A bob and fringe will  shorten the face so anything from long, to side swept fringe’s look great on this shape. Long bobs are flattering; it’s worth remembering to avoid short layers as they can create height on top.

Heart shaped faces look great with pixie crops, Danni Minogue is a great example. Heart shaped faces also suit a soft fringe. However people with a rounder face should always opt for a longer style, certainly around the face anyway, round face shapes should avoid heavy fringes.

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